Frieze Art Fair

On October 12th, we attended ‘Frieze Fair’ in Regents Park, London. Considered the contemporary art event of the year, with over 170 works from Tokyo to New York, this was truly a haven for those keen on experiencing the up and comings in todays art world.

Multiple pieces were not only thought provoking, but aesthetically stimulating, one in particular was the live crime scene production, where the audience followed along by script. However, many pieces I felt, fell on the border of what can be defined as art. Although the crime scene was entertaining, could this be considered art, or theatre? There were also multiple “interactive” pieces that required audio or visual assistance though various screens, was this art, or film? And furthermore, are auditory, theatrical, and cinematic crafts considered art? Or can only “artistic elements” be found in these crafts? Were the purpose of these pieces to lead to such questions? Or should we just shut up and appreciate the visual stimulation without thought of definition? Just as we debated in our “Contemporary Issues” module, attempting to define the “Creative Industries” only lead to lack of definition, so perhaps “Contemporary Art” is beyond categorizing as well. Perhaps the only defining matter, is the emotional response from the audience. And as with defining the “Creative Industries”, if consumer response is the tier of relevance, then is there any point in debating?

Maybe this guy has the right idea.

(Found him at the fair, he reminded me of how I’ll probably feel after completing a one year masters program.)

Personal opinions aside, these artists deserve recognition and their moment in the spotlight. They have accomplished both artistically and professionally, a balance that must be held if any creative entrepreneur seeks to succeed in today’s world. Talent can only get you so far, an understanding of the business world is crucial in taking you the rest.


1 thought on “Frieze Art Fair

  1. What is art indeed? I think my interpretation of it was stretched when we visited the Sunday Art Fair. As I said to Anca, I think that ‘art’ is a language I’m not yet invited to speak. On the evidence of the Sunday Art Fair, I think the exhibitors there are not yet fluent themselves. Great venue though.

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