WE HAVE A PRODUCT!!!!!! Oh Yah! & we prototyped it.

So, we have finally decided on a product.

I don’t think you heard me….


And when I found out we were far enough to start prototyping!??!?

You see, we’ve been going back and forth on products for a few weeks now. We worked on philosophies, business strategies, lifestyles, general public needs, and still we couldn’t settle on one product. We went through shirts, bags, spoon holders, kitchen utensils and even a whole kitchen line! We went from having 1 product, to 2 products, to 4 products, to no products, and now we finally have ONE WHOLE PRODUCT!

I mean, I’m so happy I could dance.

Our group has finally decided to make, *drum roll*


Now I know, a lunch box, sounds pretty lame, but hear me out.

You see, as a person who takes my lunch to school everyday, because lets face it, the food here is not exactly 5 star, I have found there is really nothing I would want to buy to carry my lunch it. I mean, here are a few examples of whats out there.

And thats what you find when you google “lunch boxes for adults”, seriously.

So, we decided to do something a bit better. A lunch bag with a simplistic and almost vintage style, minimalistic, with just enough room for what you need. It can easily slip into a bag or be used as one on its own, with a waterproof lining and a washable canvas material, it will last quite a while, with age only adding to the cool factor.

and thats not the only styles we have!

Remember those classic brown paper bags? The coolest kids didn’t need a lunch box, cause a classic brown paper bag was where it was at. And now, you can have that same classic look, in reusable canvas!

So keep posted for when these bad boys come out.

Cause you’re going to need to grab all your friends and be all like,

Cause this product is going to be so big, people are going to be running to the mall all like,

But don’t worry, cause all you guys reading this blog have the IN. Just let us know how many you need and they’re yours! Cause the second you get one, you’re gonna be all like,

So stay tuned! They’re coming out and they’re coming out soon!

Imagine a Spectacle


Danny Shine “Everything is Ok”

Now, I have been on a networking mission lately, a quest if you will, because if I have taken one thing to heart from our classes so far, it’s the importance of networking physically and virtually. In the last few months I have come across several opportunities for creative work, none of which I would have encountered had I not been on said quest. One has been the opportunity to compose and work sound production for “Imagine a Spectacle” A theatre production by a former MACE graduate Rafau Sieraczek at The Space in London.

This years production is based off the ideas of Occupation. What occupation means politically, physically, and mentally. How an artist, musician, performer, activist, and everyday person responds to space and their relationship to it. The show involves a combination of modern dance, parkour performance and film, interviews with Tony Negri an Italian political activist with a great interest in occupation, and a discussion with Danny Shine at the Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park.

I had the opportunity to meet Danny in Hyde Park for a tech rehearsal the week before our opening performance. After we had solved our technical issues, we took a walk down Oxford Street so he could show us different methods he uses to “Wake Up London” and get his message across. We entered a couple stores¬†while Danny held up a sign saying “Everything is Ok” and watched how the managers and security personnel of said establishments reacted to our being there. All I can say is the reaction was not good, and far more dramatic than you could ever expect. It was definitely¬†interesting to see how people react when something disrupts their daily routine.

The experience has certainly been one to remember, and has come about solely through my mission to network with as many creative people as I can find while I’m here in London. Through this opportunity I have also met several other creatives with whom I can see collaborations with in the future. The social media focus I’ve gained through the Design Thinking Module has really advanced not only my contact book, but my awareness of the creative opportunities that are out there. I would strongly advise any student to really focus on their internet personas, and take advantage of the opportunities that can arise through their virtual connections.

The final performance for “Imagine a Spectacle” is on November 18th, this Sunday at 3pm. And if anyone is interested in attending feel free to contact me with questions.