To Meet the Manufacturer.

IMG_0731 copy

Last week three of our group took a road trip up to Warwickshire to meet our manufacturer. We decided it was best to decide on the intrinsics of our product in person before committing financially, and it turned out to be a fantastic decision.

Tracy Adams is a textile manufacturer recommended to our former member Lucy, who received the name through a work contact. John Woodworth is the Managing Director we spoke to, who gave us great tips on fabrics, ties, spill proofing, and packaging.

IMG_0744 copy

IMG_0741 copy

We chose to work with Tracy Adams for many reasons, partially because of finances and their willingness to manufacture our desired amount of products, and partially because they fit our philosophic criteria: creating a sustainable product, in England, that can be delivered to customers at a reasonable price. By working with Tracy Adams we are not only keeping with our own philosophy, but giving profit to small business as well.

Here are our current fabric choices:

IMG_0738 copy

IMG_0737 copy

With our choices for both black and white spill proof linings.

Colors were decided based off our desire for a natural look to each lunch bag. Black straps will be used for each to match our brand label at the corner of each bag.

And each will be made in England.

IMG_0735 copy

In the same week we also spoke to our mentor Brian. He gave us great ideas to help with our finances, including how to deal with our shares and fundraising.

Making steps forward all week! We’ll be ready for the trade fairs soon!

Target Market

This week Maria and I did a bit of Market Research, going through Kingston Hill Campus we decided to test our original Target Market theory.

Is this product really geared towards students?

Is this a product that will appeal to both men and women?

Will our Philosophy and additional features be something that will attract customers?

So we tested our original theory, with a simple and to the point questionnaire put together by Maria.



1. Age:_

2. Gender:_

3. Occupation:_

4. Do you cook your own lunch?:_

5. Would you use/buy this product?:_ (A question we asked after we described the product, philosophy, concept, website, and features)

6. If so, how much would you pay for it?:_

7. Comments/Improvements to the product?:_


And with this, we had a multitude of responses.

For the most part the people we questioned were between the ages of 20-28, all students from undergraduates to post-graduates, both male and female. Prices students offered to pay went from £2-£20, the lowest prices being said by men, and the highest by women. Various comments and improvements included a range of things. Most students agreed that darker colors and an extra pocket would make our lunch bag far more appealing. Other comments included: adding a strap handle, a zippered pocket, a knife and fork, a water bottle pocket, a larger bag, and a selection of smaller lunch boxes.

Just from our interviews with students I could tell that our Target Market decision was far off. This did not seem like a product geared towards men at all, and not really a product that would attract a student customer base. Although we did receive positive feedback, it doesn’t look like this is where we should focus our energies. We’ll have to commit to further research, but its starting to look like our Target Market should be shifted towards slightly older women, between the ages of 25-35. Women who work or have children would be more inclined to spend money on a product and a subscription to a website focused on healthy eating, as they are concerned with their own health and the nutritious welfare of their families far more.

This may be just speculation, but as for right now, it seems like this is where our second point of attack in terms of customer base should be.

Here are two separate interviews given by students at Kingston Hill.

(Don’t mind the quality, they are still unedited.)



The Beginning of the End

I blinked and the second semester had begun, the long haul, the shadow before the sun, the beginning of the end…..

Rubbing eyes

I can’t tell if I’m really stressed out, or in complete denial that the time went by so fast. I try to make plans to get all my assignments in order. I wake up everyday with the intent to bury myself in the library under a mountain of books, and digest all the information I can, but that has yet to happen,

all I seem to want to do is sleep…

Passing out

And if theres something good on Netflix, and there ALWAYS something good on Netflix, I don’t even make it that far…

Passing out at desk

I think it’s my coping mechanism for stress.

When I sleep, I’m relaxed. The world can’t touch me in my sleep, and I never turn down a good nap. So as long as I distract myself from any real work during the day, I never have to see the majority of what I’m facing, and as such, theres nothing to stress out about.

It’s my ultimate plan of procrastination.

Unfortunately, my ultimate plan has almost run its course, if I don’t start to get the ball rolling, I’ll be running full speed later in the hopes of being able to catch up.

But, I’m a tad bit disgruntled about giving up my life of leisure.

Breaking Plates

After 18 years of full-time school, with no break, I’m really ready to turn my brain off.

But theres still more work to do.



I don’t know if I’m feeling more of this,

Terrfied Supernatural

Or more of this,

Hanging yourself

But one things for sure.

This is too much

I mean, am I the only one that feels like this? Or is everyone just skipping and hopping through this mess like it’s a field of overgrown grass?

Bugs Skipping

Cause I was expecting a little more of this,

Corey runs out with class

and this,

Jack Running

But I guess it just me.

Either way, it’s time to finally start working.

The ride is over.

I expect this is how I’m going to be spending the rest of my time here.


And hopefully, I won’t end up burning out and crashing, like this poor guy.


Who was obviously writing his own dissertation.