Thank You Tracy Adams

So, you can all remember (or scroll down and read about) our epic journey to the manufacturer Tracy Adams???

When we were so happy to finally be expecting products!!!!


Really happy.





Heres a story about that.

After a lovely meeting with John Woodworth, the Managing Director of Tracy Adams,

(better know as this guy)IMG_0744 copy

who helped us pick out fabrics, lining, and everything we needed to create our product, as well as giving us pricing and promising us a send by date.

They stopped answering our calls.

First, Angelika called to finalize the order. At which point they kind of gave her a round about. Promising to get back to her.


Ok fine, perhaps they were busy. So we waited a day.

Then Maria called, at which point they gave her some b.s about not having our order and or knowing what we needed….



Then Angelika called again…

and again….

and again………

and again…………..


At which point we were all getting seriously annoyed and worried. If we couldn’t get this order finalized we weren’t going to have a product for the trade fair.

So we got together during the break on Friday’s class and called again. At which point we found out, the price wasn’t going to be close to what he promised. And there was no way the shipment was going to make it in time for the Kingston Market Fair.



Now, this seriously put use back. We had no manufacturer, and no idea where to get one.

We were also running considerably low on funds, (The £70 ride just to meet Tracy Adams in Warwickshire not helping much.)

We were so annoyed we almost decided to pay them a surprise visit.


But as lovely as that would have been, we decided it would be best to spend our time a bit more productively, since we were going to have to make these bags ourselves.

The four of us have since set up our very own English sweatshop in Surbiton, sewing like we work for Kathy Lee Gifford.


We have since successfully manufactured our own products, enough to sell at the trade fair, with the rest remaining “made upon order”.

That being said, we’re all a bit exhausted.

Tired big bang

And tomorrow’s the Kingston Market Trade Fair!

Happy Trading Everyone! 


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