Thank You Tracy Adams

So, you can all remember (or scroll down and read about) our epic journey to the manufacturer Tracy Adams???

When we were so happy to finally be expecting products!!!!


Really happy.





Heres a story about that.

After a lovely meeting with John Woodworth, the Managing Director of Tracy Adams,

(better know as this guy)IMG_0744 copy

who helped us pick out fabrics, lining, and everything we needed to create our product, as well as giving us pricing and promising us a send by date.

They stopped answering our calls.

First, Angelika called to finalize the order. At which point they kind of gave her a round about. Promising to get back to her.


Ok fine, perhaps they were busy. So we waited a day.

Then Maria called, at which point they gave her some b.s about not having our order and or knowing what we needed….



Then Angelika called again…

and again….

and again………

and again…………..


At which point we were all getting seriously annoyed and worried. If we couldn’t get this order finalized we weren’t going to have a product for the trade fair.

So we got together during the break on Friday’s class and called again. At which point we found out, the price wasn’t going to be close to what he promised. And there was no way the shipment was going to make it in time for the Kingston Market Fair.



Now, this seriously put use back. We had no manufacturer, and no idea where to get one.

We were also running considerably low on funds, (The £70 ride just to meet Tracy Adams in Warwickshire not helping much.)

We were so annoyed we almost decided to pay them a surprise visit.


But as lovely as that would have been, we decided it would be best to spend our time a bit more productively, since we were going to have to make these bags ourselves.

The four of us have since set up our very own English sweatshop in Surbiton, sewing like we work for Kathy Lee Gifford.


We have since successfully manufactured our own products, enough to sell at the trade fair, with the rest remaining “made upon order”.

That being said, we’re all a bit exhausted.

Tired big bang

And tomorrow’s the Kingston Market Trade Fair!

Happy Trading Everyone! 


To Meet the Manufacturer.

IMG_0731 copy

Last week three of our group took a road trip up to Warwickshire to meet our manufacturer. We decided it was best to decide on the intrinsics of our product in person before committing financially, and it turned out to be a fantastic decision.

Tracy Adams is a textile manufacturer recommended to our former member Lucy, who received the name through a work contact. John Woodworth is the Managing Director we spoke to, who gave us great tips on fabrics, ties, spill proofing, and packaging.

IMG_0744 copy

IMG_0741 copy

We chose to work with Tracy Adams for many reasons, partially because of finances and their willingness to manufacture our desired amount of products, and partially because they fit our philosophic criteria: creating a sustainable product, in England, that can be delivered to customers at a reasonable price. By working with Tracy Adams we are not only keeping with our own philosophy, but giving profit to small business as well.

Here are our current fabric choices:

IMG_0738 copy

IMG_0737 copy

With our choices for both black and white spill proof linings.

Colors were decided based off our desire for a natural look to each lunch bag. Black straps will be used for each to match our brand label at the corner of each bag.

And each will be made in England.

IMG_0735 copy

In the same week we also spoke to our mentor Brian. He gave us great ideas to help with our finances, including how to deal with our shares and fundraising.

Making steps forward all week! We’ll be ready for the trade fairs soon!

WE HAVE A PRODUCT!!!!!! Oh Yah! & we prototyped it.

So, we have finally decided on a product.

I don’t think you heard me….


And when I found out we were far enough to start prototyping!??!?

You see, we’ve been going back and forth on products for a few weeks now. We worked on philosophies, business strategies, lifestyles, general public needs, and still we couldn’t settle on one product. We went through shirts, bags, spoon holders, kitchen utensils and even a whole kitchen line! We went from having 1 product, to 2 products, to 4 products, to no products, and now we finally have ONE WHOLE PRODUCT!

I mean, I’m so happy I could dance.

Our group has finally decided to make, *drum roll*


Now I know, a lunch box, sounds pretty lame, but hear me out.

You see, as a person who takes my lunch to school everyday, because lets face it, the food here is not exactly 5 star, I have found there is really nothing I would want to buy to carry my lunch it. I mean, here are a few examples of whats out there.

And thats what you find when you google “lunch boxes for adults”, seriously.

So, we decided to do something a bit better. A lunch bag with a simplistic and almost vintage style, minimalistic, with just enough room for what you need. It can easily slip into a bag or be used as one on its own, with a waterproof lining and a washable canvas material, it will last quite a while, with age only adding to the cool factor.

and thats not the only styles we have!

Remember those classic brown paper bags? The coolest kids didn’t need a lunch box, cause a classic brown paper bag was where it was at. And now, you can have that same classic look, in reusable canvas!

So keep posted for when these bad boys come out.

Cause you’re going to need to grab all your friends and be all like,

Cause this product is going to be so big, people are going to be running to the mall all like,

But don’t worry, cause all you guys reading this blog have the IN. Just let us know how many you need and they’re yours! Cause the second you get one, you’re gonna be all like,

So stay tuned! They’re coming out and they’re coming out soon!