The Business Report is finished!!!!!

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I have to say, when I first read about the contents of our business report in the syllabus and brief it seemed a bit over-whelming.

With the amount of challenges and problems our team had through the entire YE process I didn’t think this report was capable of being done.

How to positively reflect of what seemed more like a year of lows than a year of highs?

And I’ve never been much of a liar, it takes more effort than I’m willing to give.

So how do I put a seriously positive spin on the past year of ridiculousness?

The answer? I don’t.

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Well, this is what I figure.

Regardless of all the ridiculousness of the past year, in the end this experience is really about what we learned. How we tackled our challenges and overcame our obstacles to complete the tasks laid out in front of us.

Our presentation and our report had to reflect what was really important about this experience, what we learned.

I’d like to recite for you what I learned now, but I’m saving that for my finally reflection.


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Ok so as you all know we had out “mock” Dragon’s Den on Friday, well…

The night before the “mock” Dragon’s Den, when submitting our presentation, I found out that I had in fact modeled the Prezi slides on a post I saw on Facebook, as opposed to the brief that Janja had sent.

I did however model the Business Report on the correct brief, (go figure).

As such, we were five slides short…

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And then I found out our Prezi file was too big, and we would have to convert it to a pdf….

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and it being the night before, it was kind of hard to change it.

So not only did we have to worry about what we were going to verbalize in our presentation, we now had to explain 5 missing categories, (INCLUDING FINANCES) without slides.

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My bad…

sorry gif

But, I was glad to find out I wasn’t the only person who made this mistake..

It was a bit of a collective fail… kind of like this.

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Anyway, we got together the next morning and put together everything we had.

To be honest, although I thought our presentation was pretty good, I didn’t have high hopes for us considering it’s been quite a while since we’ve had any encouraging feedback.

But we went in there, fully armed, to kick some ass.

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And guess what?

After our awesome skit, kick ass presentation, and 5 sweet slides…

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Now don’t get me wrong, we got both positive and negative feedback, but all of it was extremely productive and we couldn’t have felt better about ourselves, and couldn’t have been more awesome.

I mean, unless we were this kid…



So heres to this Friday!

Our actual Dragon’s Den is not looking to be as intimidating as I thought, and then this long-long-long year, will finally be over.

Except for all the assignments we still have to do and the dissertation of course!


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