The Beginning of the End

I blinked and the second semester had begun, the long haul, the shadow before the sun, the beginning of the end…..

Rubbing eyes

I can’t tell if I’m really stressed out, or in complete denial that the time went by so fast. I try to make plans to get all my assignments in order. I wake up everyday with the intent to bury myself in the library under a mountain of books, and digest all the information I can, but that has yet to happen,

all I seem to want to do is sleep…

Passing out

And if theres something good on Netflix, and there ALWAYS something good on Netflix, I don’t even make it that far…

Passing out at desk

I think it’s my coping mechanism for stress.

When I sleep, I’m relaxed. The world can’t touch me in my sleep, and I never turn down a good nap. So as long as I distract myself from any real work during the day, I never have to see the majority of what I’m facing, and as such, theres nothing to stress out about.

It’s my ultimate plan of procrastination.

Unfortunately, my ultimate plan has almost run its course, if I don’t start to get the ball rolling, I’ll be running full speed later in the hopes of being able to catch up.

But, I’m a tad bit disgruntled about giving up my life of leisure.

Breaking Plates

After 18 years of full-time school, with no break, I’m really ready to turn my brain off.

But theres still more work to do.



I don’t know if I’m feeling more of this,

Terrfied Supernatural

Or more of this,

Hanging yourself

But one things for sure.

This is too much

I mean, am I the only one that feels like this? Or is everyone just skipping and hopping through this mess like it’s a field of overgrown grass?

Bugs Skipping

Cause I was expecting a little more of this,

Corey runs out with class

and this,

Jack Running

But I guess it just me.

Either way, it’s time to finally start working.

The ride is over.

I expect this is how I’m going to be spending the rest of my time here.


And hopefully, I won’t end up burning out and crashing, like this poor guy.


Who was obviously writing his own dissertation.

4 thoughts on “The Beginning of the End

  1. I feel the same. Sort of blindly walking along this road, hoping that there’s enough light so I don’t stumble and fall or walk in front of a car (with no headlights, obviously. This metaphor doesn’t really work, does it?).

    (That last gif is just .. cruel ­čÖé – poor poor stick person with no more stick arms )

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